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Richmond defers decision on farmland mansions after hearing from over 30 speakers

Carol Day  -  Mar 28, 2018  -  No Comments
Let’s support “Proven Farmers” and their families but stop the speculators from destroying farm land with prices that restrict the average person from owning farm land. The Ministry of Agriculture guideline is a max 5, 382 sq feet with the option to build a second home for farm workers or

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Strata Fee and Strata Corporations

Carol Day  -  Apr 22, 2013  -  No Comments
The BC Conservatives have worked on relief for home owners who are burdened by strata fee costs that seem to go up and up without any real explanation of where all the money is going. Home owners are at the mercy of Strata corporations and the home owners have been subjected

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Candidates Election Comments on Cycling

Carol Day  -  Nov 18, 2011  -  No Comments
Hi Keith Cycling British Columbia I support cycling  particularly as a mode of transportation. My roots are in Denmark where cycling is a way of life. During the Olympics  the Dutch taught us how easy it is to get around Richmond on bikes and even donated those bike to us. We need

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For Immediate RELEASE

Carol Day  -  Nov 15, 2011  -  No Comments
Thanks for the coverage of this exciting election. l am writing because some of the goals that l have announced at all-candidate forums have been missed and l think the public should know about the goals I have in my first term as a councillor. Reinstate mandatory pub surveys for

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Thanks to the Richmond Firefighters for their endorsement!

Carol Day  -  Nov 15, 2011  -  No Comments
To The Richmond  Firefighters, Thank you so much for your endorsement as a candidate for Richmond City Council.  It means so much to me that such an honourable organization would give me their endorsement and l will work very hard as a councillor to earn that trust.  I enjoyed

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Food Security Survey

Carol Day  -  Nov 13, 2011  -  No Comments
Hi Arzeena Thanks for your email here are my answers Questions from the Richmond Food Security Group Society # 1 Food Security is not an emotional issue it is a real issue. We need as a society to think past the needs of today to the needs of tomorrow. While it

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Opinion poll on legislating foreign Language Signage

Carol Day  -  Nov 09, 2011  -  No Comments
To: James Fung Assistant Assignment Editor Sing Tao Daily Thank you for your question. Question : Do you agree the Richmond City legislates sign rules demanding all businesses shouldn’t have signage bigger in a foreign language(i.e Chinese) than it is in English ? State your reasons no matter you agree

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Smart Meters in Richmond

Carol Day  -  Nov 07, 2011  -  No Comments
Nov 7, 2011 To City of Richmond General Purposes Committee RE: Smart Meters in Richmond My name is Carol Day and l am here to speak to the agenda item, Staff report on Smart meters. I am asking council to make a motion to send a letter to BC Hydro

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Caithcart Residents Association – Carol Day responds to the issues

Carol Day  -  Nov 04, 2011  -  No Comments
Hi Caithcart Residents Association, This is a great letter, it is informative and your request to limit the acceptable noise limit in residential areas to 55 Decibel  C is extremely reasonable.  YES l will support this action. I understand that the World Health Organization recommends 30 DBA for continuous indoor sound

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VAPOR – Thankyou to Blogger for your encouraging comments!

Carol Day  -  Nov 02, 2011  -  No Comments
Thankyou to Blogger for your encouraging comments! Answers to other questions I would have liked to also answer if given the chance: Traffic congestion at Ironwood. We have an existing over pass on Rice Mill Road that ends at the fish cannery; we should work to extend that road

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