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Food Security Survey

Carol Day  -  Nov 13, 2011  -  No Comments

Hi Arzeena

Thanks for your email here are my answers
Questions from the Richmond Food Security Group Society

# 1

Food Security is not an emotional issue it is a real issue. We need as a society to think past the needs of today to the needs of tomorrow. While it is still possible and some would argue affordable to get our food from other parts of the world it is not unimaginable that that may not always be the  case. Think back to when the Volcano erupted and planes where grounded or when 911 happened and  USA  came to a abrupt stop.

Food security and getting in the habit of growing our own food here and buying from local producers now,is just plain proactive.

I have started asking the produce stores l shop in for produce from Canada and refuse to buy produce from other parts of the world . Every time a customer makes comments like that to a vendor they make a little difference and l now notice more Canadian produce available in the stores.

We can  all make a difference we just have to be more  vocal and more committed.


# 2 What areas do you see the City of Richmond playing more of a role in food security for Richmond?

The area’s of Richmond that need to be used for food production are everywhere but if l was going to pick just one l would say the No. 5 ROAD Back lands. I would like to see the new 12 acres park at the ” Gardens” connected to the the No. 5 ROAD back lands and create a land pool  where farmers can lease land at low prices for food production. The institutions along number five road  for the most part do not farm the back lands as required with the zoning, it makes sense to pool those lands for the institutions and create a  new opportunity for  farmers who cannot afford to buy land of their own.


# 3 The City of Toronto recently passed a ban on the sale of Shark Fin Soup. Would you support such a ban for Richmond?

Regarding banning Shark Fin Soup.I recently held a press conference with the Honourable MP Fin Donnelly who was here to support VAPOR of which l am chair . Mr Donnelly told me he is presenting a bill in  the house of Commons to ban Shark Fin Soup and the use of Shark fins so l think it would be wise to allow that to go through because this would create a level playing field and not put Richmond restaurants at a disadvantage. On a personal note l do not think that any animal should be killed for one part of their body. Either use the whole thing or nothing. Councilor Harold Steves said we have an abundance of Dog Fish which are a  smaller shark and that it would be positive to lower their numbers as their overpopulation is  hurting other fish , so maybe we need to look at other options as well?

Thank you very much
Carol Day


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