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About Carol

I am honored to be a Richmond City Councillor. I will give 100% effort to my new job and I believe that YOU are my boss.

People who know me will say I am hard working, energetic and committed. I am also a quick learner who is adaptable and open-minded. These qualities are vital for a creative and productive government. I know the issues  facing the city and l have worked on them for years, developing relationships with key players.  I have had the honour of  working with Independent MLA Vicki Huntington, federal New Democrat MP Fin Donnelly, Federal Conservative MP Kerry Lynn Findlay and Liberal MLA Linda Reid to address the jet fuel proposal that threatens the Fraser river. I am happy to work with any political party to get the job done for YOU, my constituent.

I’m a life long Richmond resident with three adult children. My wonderful husband Jim Day supports me in all my activism and political work. My parents, Danish Immigrants who live in Richmond, support me everyday.

I am familiar with housing issues that affect seniors and with the critical need for assisted living, and l have come to realize that too many Richmond children are living in poverty. There is also a lack of affordable housing l aim to convince all MLA’s to work creatively with private and public parties to enable better progress.

My Business CAT Signs and Graphics has been successful for over 30 years because l keep adapting to the market place. In my view the key to success in business is to see the needs and fill them. Successful businesses can also serve society through employment and charitable work. I’ve begun to prepare my exit strategy with new support staff so I can work in the community full time as your city Councillor.

My business sense will inject common sense into all issues, Since I love Richmond, I want to help government make smarter decisions that respect our history, reflect the wishes of our citizens, and allow for our businesses to prosper. We have seen how lack of transparency and ignorance of the provincial core policy procedures have damaged the reputation of an MLA’s office; in contrast, my open and honest approach will be an asset to Richmond. We have seen our fair city change alarmingly, and now is the time for careful change. Because I take that approach, I was voted “Best Citizen to stand up for a Neighborhood” by the Richmond Review readers in 2011.

My hobbies include kayaking, skiing, dancing, personal training, making stained glass, gardening and all types of construction.


Carol has a growing family and they enjoy spending time together and supporting each other.

"Life is wonderful when your hard work as a parent pays off with happy, successful children."- Carol Day

“Life is wonderful when your hard work as a parent pays off with happy, successful children.”
– Carol Day

Carol skiing on Lake Goodwin, Washington in 2013, staying in good physical shape is a top priority ford Carol and she enjoys Kayaking, snow skiing, hiking, scuba diving and gardening along with construction projects.


"WOW what a blast , I loved water skiing , what an amazing day." - 
Carol Day

“WOW what a blast , I loved water skiing , what an amazing day.”
Carol Day


During a Kayaking trip in the Steveston harbor Carol spotted this eagle high in a tree on Shady Island. The area is popular for kayakers due to a dock the city constructed at the south end of number two road that allows for easier launching of kayaks. The area is protected by a log boom that acts as a water break and make the water calm in that side arm of the Fraser river.

Steveston Eagle

“This is why I want to keep jet Fuel out of the Fraser river and work so hard with VAPOR, beautiful days like this on the water just make me realize how lucky we are to live in this wonderful city.”
Carol Day

Evening In Steveston harbour