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Onni Site at Bayview St.

Carol Day  -  May 27, 2018  -  No Comments

The site was approved for a strip mall and 32 room hotel by Mayor Brodie, Councillors McNulty , McPhail, Dang, Au, Johnston and Loo.

The no vote by Councillor Harold Steves and Councillor Carol Day was defeated. I made a motion to refer the ONNI proposal back to staff for more information for a potential marina and Estuarium or satellite location for a Vancouver Aquarium but it died on the floor.

It was my hope that we could expand the historic fishing village of Steveston to the ONNI site as considered when BC Packers sold the site but that is not likely to happen now. The site is approved for commercial which will result in rents of $ 38.50 a square foot and with Mixed Maritime uses only worth $15.00 a square foot the future is fairly obvious.

ONNI has been sued by owners, challenged by renters and by many I have spoken to generally not considered a good corporate citizen so I am concerned about them operating a 32 room hotel with a online booking service. This AirBnB type accommodation will allow for stays of up to 90 days and contract out all the services since there will be not a restaurant or other amenities on the hotel site.

Councillor Harold Steves stated ​ that ​ night ” This is the Worst rezoning in Richmond’s history, we got nothing “.

Thank goodness for the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, Britannia ship yards and Steveston Harbour Authority lands at least those reflect the history and character of Steveston.

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