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Carol Day  -  May 27, 2018  -  No Comments

Today I am writing to let you know the status of the supportive modular housing proposed for the downtown core of Richmond. Before I begin I wish to thank everyone who took the time to write to express their point of view, it was very helpful to me.

Through two long nights council heard from people opposing and supporting the project and we had a question and answer period with staff from the city of Richmond, Rain Tree (operator) and BC Housing.

What we learned is that the project would be for people who have been homeless and after being interviewed by the authorities have been selected as good candidates for a temporary home that would help them evolve to standard housing. The RCMP will provide details as to the potential candidates and their suitability for supportive housing. If the clients do not follow a strict code of conduct called a ” Good Neighbour Agreement” then they will be moved out of the housing units.

The faith community and other Richmond organisations have offered to volunteer with the clients to help them in any way they can with counselling, necessary household items and above all support.

Thanks to people from the Chinese community who have offered land for a rehab centre, money to support programs and even to find homes where suitable homeless people could live. These initiatives will help us to eradicate the homeless problem in Richmond and bring our communities together. It is possible that if the entire community comes together in our fine city then we will not need the Supportive Modular housing project for as long as anticipated.

The contract is for UP TO five years and with hard work and commitment we could see the homeless sheltered in other places and receive the counselling they disparately need to no longer be vulnerable citizens.

The Motion at council was to take this first step to create a MOU a Memorandum of Understanding, Councillor Au and I asked for a change to the requirements to include a ” OPT OUT CLAUSE “.
This is necessary because if the operator Raintree does not follow the strict requirements then they can be replaced with another operator.

All of council supported this significant change in our direction to staff. When the final vote came to send this direction to staff for implementation Councillor Chak Au voted against the motion.

So the first step is done and now the real work begins drafting the MOU. I will keep you posted on how things are going.Below I have attached a layout for the units which are only 250 sq ft.

Please consider donating to the supportive groups that I have listed below so they can do even more to help the homeless and solve the homeless problem in Richmond forever!

Salvation Army: Richmond community Church
Pathways Clubhouse

Turning Point


TIKVA Housing Society

Coast Mental Health

Atira Womens Resource Society

RASS Richmond addiction Services Society

Gilmore Park United Church

St. Albans Outreach and advocacy

Richmond Community Services Advisory Committee

Richmond Centre for Disability

Richmond Poverty response Committee

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