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Candidates Election Comments on Cycling

Carol Day  -  Nov 18, 2011  -  No Comments

Hi Keith
Cycling British Columbia

I support cycling  particularly as a mode of transportation. My roots are in Denmark where cycling is a way of life. During the Olympics  the Dutch taught us how easy it is to get around Richmond on bikes and even donated those bike to us. We need to create more bike lanes that are elevated  or divided for safety , so that people who cycle can feel safer and will actually use them.

Off road cycling opportunities are not abundant in Richmond  but we do have trails all along the river and on Shell road trail.. The city has a done a good job but so far but l would like to see the bike trails linked so it it possible to avoid as much traffic as possible.

I would like to see all children living in poverty own bikes, l think if we create a bike bank where people can donated their used but still working bikes we could ask volunteers to do any necessary maintenance and then donated those bikes to the needy recipients.

Thank you very much,
Carol Day

Dear Carol,


Cycling BC has asked candidates in the local elections to confirm there support for the sport of cycling.

On October 28th, Cycling BC sent an email to 1466 candidates in communities throughout the province asking them if elected whether they intend to advocate for the sport of cycling (road, mountain biking, BMX, & cyclo-cross) to receive comparable support to that offered to similar sized sports in thier  community.

Cycling BC has posted responses from the candidates who have expressed a willingness to advocate for the sport of cycling here and encourages current and past members (who intend to vote) to review their comments prior to the elections.

Cycling BC is encouraging candidates to reply right up to election time by e-mailing As a result, the list of responses may be updated – so please check back prior to voting if your candidate is not showing a response.


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