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RITE Richmond

Richmond defers decision on farmland mansions after hearing from over 30 speakers

Carol Day  -  Mar 28, 2018  -  No Comments

Let’s support “Proven Farmers” and their families but stop the speculators from destroying farm land with prices that restrict the average person from owning farm land. The Ministry of Agriculture guideline is a max 5, 382 sq feet with the option to build a second home for farm workers or family that work the farm and those houses can be 3,339 sq ft. The rules are simple prove your a farmer and you are entitled to have enough space to house workers. For everyone else the max should simply be 5,382 sq ft.

It’s time to save our farm land for future generations and ensure we can feed ourselves 50 years from now, that should be our legacy not 11,000 sq foot Mega Mansions.

Watch the Video Here (From 6.08 to 8.58)

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