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RITE Richmond

No Jet Fuel on the Fraser River

Continue to Work to stop the shipment of Jet Fuel on the Fraser river​

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Click here to watch Richmond City Council Coverage. Carol Day’s comments starts at 25 minutes 25 seconds.

VAPOR has lost it’s court case challenging that the environmental review was not an effective public process the VAFFC ( Vancouver Fuel Facilities Corporation) which represents the airlines is threatening to ask for court costs against VAPOR , a community group . The Courts will hear the case Jan 22, 2016 at 9:00 at the Vancouver Court House, please attend if you can.

We feel that the BC Environmental Assessment Office ( BCEAO ) process for the Jet Fuel project was so faulty and lacking in public input that we were compelled to file legal action to achieve a ruling to force the BCEAO to start again and complete an environmental process that takes into consideration the concerns of the City of Richmond, the City of Delta and all the public groups that have opposed the Jet Fuel Marine terminal and tank farm proposed by the Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation.

Where The BC Government Stands

The province of British Columbia has approved the environmental certificate even though the City of Richmond and the City of Delta has opposed the project. The British Columbia Environmental Office ( BCEAO ) is under the jurisdiction of the Minister of the Environment Mary Polak. the Vancouver Airport Project Opposition for Richmond ( VAPOR ) have opposed the project since 2011. VAPOR has filed a petition in the Supreme Court of British Columbia challenging the decision by the BCEAO and working for a new environmental process that is fair, transparent and one that allows for the public to have meaningful opportunities for expressing their views. RITE Richmond City Council candidate Carol Day is Chair of VAPOR and is one of 4 VAPOR directors to file affidavits in court.

Solution: Jet Fuel Pipeline

VAPOR will support a jet fuel pipeline on the Highway 99 corridor if it continues to the Cherry Point refinery just over the Canada-USA border. This option was number 8 in the original VAFFC study and has not been presented to the BCEAO.

The Cherry Point refinery is an established successful port with a good safety record. VAPOR feels using this option would eliminate the need for Panamax tankers loaded with Jet Fuel on any part of the Fraser river and could be the logical choice.

Environment Canada wrote on August 17, 2011 in regards to the VAFFC proposal “The project would present a new and unacceptable risk to the locally, nationally and internationally important fish and wildlife populations of the Fraser River Estuary, including migratory birds and species at risk….”

Where RITE Richmond Stands On Jet Fuel Tankers

The economic benefits to Richmond from the success of YVR are critical to the local economy. VAPOR has stated its commitment to protecting the Fraser river. RITE Richmond’s Day-Wolfe City Council team will continue to work for a viable and safe alternative to meet the jet fuel needs of the Vancouver International Airport.