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Farm House sizes on Farmland

Carol Day  -  May 27, 2018  -  No Comments

Monday May 14th, 2018 Richmond City Council voted on the size of houses on farm land.

* Harold Steves, Malcolm Brodie and Carol Day voted to change the house size to the Ministry of Agriculture guidelines of 5,382 sq feet.they lost the vote.

* After the vote, houses on Farm Land are still allowed to be 10,764 sq ft on lots over 1/2 acre and the septic field does not have to be on the home plate so that land can not be used for soil based crops either.

These are the councillors who voted for the status quo:

* Councillors Bill McNulty, Derek Dang , Linda McPhail   Richmond First Team
Ken Johnston, Chak Au   RCC Team
Alexa Loo   Independant

all voted to support 10,764 Sq ft Houses

Richmond City Staff provided 12 alternative options, but still no change. So Whats next ? The Election on Oct 20th, 2018. Harold Steves from RCA and Carol Day from RITE Richmond will each be running four candidates and the citizens of Richmond will have an opportunity to choose a new council that will represent the people of Richmond, all these candidates will support lowering the house size on farm land, please vote.

You can write to the Minister of Agriculture the Honourable Lana Popham and ask that the provincial guideline of a max 5,382 sq ft for houses on farm land be made regulations.

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