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Carol Day

I LOVE Richmond and want to help the government make smarter decisions on issues. The decisions should respect our history and reflect the wishes of the citizens of Richmond, not just the business interests of a small group. I have made a difference in Richmond. VOTED “Best Citizen to Stand up for a Neighbourhood.” ​ Together we can work for positive change.​

Working for the people of Richmond check out whats happening today in the City of Richmond and please forward this web site.



Carol Day Richmond City Councillor.
Let me work for you:

戴嘉露的承諾 :

  • Act with honesty and transparency

  • Support jobs by supporting business

  • Work for “My Boss” the People of Richmond

  • Continue to work to stop Jet Fuel in the Fraser River

  • Ensure full review of Massey Tunnel options

  • Take special interest money out of politics

  • Protect ALR farmland

  • Work to Protect the Fraser River

Here is how Carol Day is Helping the Community: