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Monthly Archives December 2015

Letter: Let casino bucks fund city’s reserve

Carol Day  -  Dec 18, 2015  -  No Comments
 DECEMBER 18, 2015 10:50 AM Dear Editor, Re: “Property tax hike may top out at close to five per cent,” News, Dec. 9. City council has no problem dipping into the casino revenue to fund its various pet projects, some questionable, such as a Steveston pier, but why is

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Richmond News Column Dec 2015

Carol Day  -  Dec 15, 2015  -  No Comments
Growing up in Richmond was a rich experience for me. We had the Skookum slide, Stardust Roller rink, Lansdowne race track and the Twin Theatres. Richmond now has many festivals, museums, all weather sports fields, rock climbing, kayak tours the list goes on. Luckily something’s are the same, you can

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