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Here are some of the many ways Carol Day is currently apart of the Richmond Community:


  • Garden City  Lands Conservation Society

    Garden City Lands Conservation Society

    As a founding member of the society I work for years promoting the concept of saving the Garden City Lands for park space and not allowing high rises developments. The city bought the land and in currently working with the Garden City lands Society , Kwantlen college and others to create a legacy for the future.

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    VAPOR was created by Carol Day and others in 2011 to stop the transportation of Jet Fuel in the Fraser river. Day has given dozens of media interviews to educate the public about VAPOR’s battle to stop the project. See a educational video here Critique of the VAFFC jet Fuel proposal.

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  • Lingyen Temple Mega Expansion

    Lingyen Mountain Temple

    After ten long years the Lingyen Mountain Temple has come up with a new plan that obeys the zoning, check it out !

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  • Agricultural Land Reserve

    Agricultural Land Reserve

    Agriculture is a big part of Richmond’s history and we need to ensure that ALR land is protected. The first line of defense is Richmond City Council so it is critical that council supports protecting agricultural land. Saving farmland for future generations is the smart thing to do and the right thing to do.

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  • George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project

    George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project

    Building a new bridge on land that is at risk of “EXTREME Liquefaction” is not wise. Richmond needs a council that will insist that public consultation is meaningful and effective. There is only one reason to remove the tunnel and that is to industrialize both sides of the Fraser river. Due diligence is needed to make intelligent choices based on facts.

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  • Jet Fuel Tankers

    Jet Fuel Tankers

    Today the battle to stop Jet Fuel on the Fraser river has taken a new turn with legal action. VAPOR’s board of directors are challenging the BC Environmental office and their handling of the project. Our petition in the Supreme court of BC asks the courts to rule that the BCEAO should initiate a new environmental assessment that allows for effective public consultation. We have demonstrated that the BCEAO did not follow their own guidelines and the process was grossly inadequate for a project of this magnitude.

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  • Rice Mill Road Overpass

    Rice Mill Road Overpass

    We have an underutilized overpass at Rice Mill Road that if used would alleviate traffic congestion at Hwy 99 and Steveston Hwy. The overpass could be connected to the east side of hwy 99 by simply continuing the road along the river to Steveston hwy.

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  • The Agricultural GREEN Zone for No. 5 road Backlands

    The Agricultural GREEN Zone for No. 5 road Backlands

    Carol Day supports maintaining ALR land and has a plan for the back lands on the No. 5 Road back lands. The Agricultural ” Green Zone” could be amalgamated to help connect farmers with underutilized farm land. The back lands policy states that the land must be farmed behind the institutions but has not helped them achieved that goal.

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  • Coach House rezoning for Burkeville

    Coach House rezoning for Burkeville

    The major issue with the densification of the Burkeville area is PARKING If you look at the pictures provided it is very easy to see the problem.

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