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VAPOR – Thankyou to Blogger for your encouraging comments!

Carol Day  -  Nov 02, 2011  -  No Comments

Thankyou to Blogger for your encouraging comments!
Answers to other questions I would have liked to also answer if given the chance:

Traffic congestion at Ironwood. We have an existing over pass on Rice Mill Road that ends at the fish cannery; we should work to extend that road east to No.6ROAD so listen the traffic at No. 5ROAD and Steveston hwy.

How can we work with the food security policy to grow more food ?

The No. 5 ROAD backlands policy was directed by council to be review a year ago, we need to work to study the backlands behind the institutions and try to create a land bank for leasing at a low cost to farmers to grow more food and then give a percentage of that food to the food bank.

Should we create barriers to make the bike lanes more safe?

Candidates doubted whether or not the bike lanes would be used; remember when the Dutch came during the Olympics with all their bikes? They could navigate the city quickly and they showed us what is possible. My Family is from Denmark and raised bikes lanes are safe, and a regular way of travel. So yes l does think we should improve our bike lanes and make them safer.

Should the City of Richmond have a Municipal Auditor?

Yes. The School district was audited by the provincial auditor general and we learned a lot from the experience and made our system for reporting our finances better. The only question is who should pay for the municipal auditor and l would like to see the province pay for it.

How should we deal with Jet fuel delivery to the airport?

We need to work with the VAFFC to convince them to keep Jet Fuel out of the Fraser River and estuary. We need to make them understand Option # 3 upgrading the existing pipeline to the Burnaby refinery or option # 8 a new pipeline to the Cherry point refinery in Washington State are the best options. Visit for more info I am chair of VAPOR and would like to tell people a lot more about this critical issue.

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