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Smart Meters in Richmond

Carol Day  -  Nov 07, 2011  -  No Comments

Nov 7, 2011
To City of Richmond General Purposes Committee
RE: Smart Meters in Richmond

My name is Carol Day and l am here to speak to the agenda item, Staff report on Smart meters.

I am asking council to make a motion to send a letter to BC Hydro requesting a S.O.S. Smart Meter Opt-out Solution. There are many people in Richmond who do not want smart meters for a variety of reasons and their concerns have been ignored by BC Hydro.

I would like to add to staffs report this letter from former premier Mr. Bill Vander Zalm, it is written to Delta City Council. I will not read the entire letter but l would like to point out some of the highlights.

The below report is from California but there are similar findings on such places as the Netherlands where they are banned completely.

You can be a leader among Municipalities by taking a firm stance on behalf of Delta Citizens. Insist by resolution of Council, that no further action to install Smart Meters be taken in Delta until further study and research.

Why should we allow the provincial Government and the BC Hydro to play Russian Roulette with our health?  If they have a billion dollars to spend, there are many social needs during a time of recession that are far more in need than changing meters.

Mr. Vander Zalm goes on to say:

And whereas, there has been no consultation with our people by the provincial government about the Smart meter program
And whereas, because of Smart Meters. People have expressed concern about the invasion of privacy and move to globalization.
Therefore be it resolved that our Municipality will require a permit, prior to installation, and that permits will be withheld until the completion of satisfactory research into health safety and that our citizens be provided with the option of a wired meter installation.
The movement against Smart Meters is global and if the City of Richmond does not take a proactive stance now then we will be seen as city that does not listen to her people. I think the S.O.S. approach to Smart Meters make sense, it is a compromise and this will give the citizens in Richmond who are concerned about Smart meters, piece of mind.

S.O.S. Smart Meter, Opt-out, Solution
Thanks Carol Day

UPDATE City Council Voted to Support a Moratorium Nov 7th at General Purposes Committee!!

Be sure to download this PDF to display on your meter: Smart_Meter_NoTrespassing_BCHYDRO

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