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VAPOR – Richmond News – Fraser River champion to take petition to Ottawa

Carol Day  -  Nov 08, 2011  -  No Comments

Here is an article from VAPOR’s press conference where Fin Donnelly agreed to present our 5, 800 petitions against the Jet Fuel Proposal and educational video  to the House of Commons in Ottawa.

We are Grateful to His Honourable Fin Donnelly for his support and to learn more please see the video Critique of  VAFFC Jet Fuel Proposal by VAPOR.


Published: November 08, 2011 The Richmond Review
By Martin van den Hemel – Richmond Review
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Fisheries and Oceans critic Fin Donnelly will soon be carrying the sentiments of Richmond residents opposed to plans for a jet fuel pipeline, and delivering them to Ottawa.

On Tuesday morning, the MP for New Westminster-Coquitlam-Port Moody received a 6,000-signature petition collected by members of V.A.P.O.R., Vancouver Airport Pipeline Opposition for Richmond.

“We think there are much better options, safer options for humans,” said retired Richmond biologist and pipeline opposition member Otto Langer. “We’ve asked Fin (to deliver the petition) because of his past experience and his dedication to the Fraser River…”

“In 1989, a similar proposal to this one by the very same group was rejected by the federal government,” Langer said.

The Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation is proposing to build a massive fuel farm near Riverport athletic facility and SilverCity theatres, and an underground pipeline that stretches from the farm through the city to the Vancouver International Airport to feed the growing need for jet fuel by planes that use the Vancouver International Airport.

The Richmond group that formed to oppose the corporation’s plan, is applying pressure on the federal government to search out a safer, more environmentally sensitive alternative.

“The Fraser River is one of the world’s greatest salmon river,” Donnelly said. “There are numerous threats that the river faces on a daily basis.

“When there’s a proposal such as this to transport jet fuel in the estuary, one of the most sensitive places of the Fraser River Basin, we have to take this seriously,” he said.

MP Fin Donnelly, Fisheries and Oceans Opposition Critic, received a 6,000-signature petition from V.A.P.O.R.—the Richmond group opposed to the bid by the Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation to build a new pipeline through Richmond—from V.A.P.O.R. members Otto Langer, centre, and council hopeful Carol Day. Martin van den Hemel photo

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