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Letter: Let casino bucks fund city’s reserve

Carol Day  -  Dec 18, 2015  -  No Comments


DECEMBER 18, 2015 10:50 AM


Dear Editor,

Re: “Property tax hike may top out at close to five per cent,” News, Dec. 9.

City council has no problem dipping into the casino revenue to fund its various pet projects, some questionable, such as a Steveston pier, but why is there such continual reluctance on their part to cover the one per cent reserve from casino funds?

When casino revenue is at a record level, building permits continue to be robust and Mercedes-Benz products appear in the city fleet of field vehicles, surely the one per cent reserve can be funded through sources other than the property tax.

Councillor Alexa Loo was quoted several times in this article, but I feel she has lost her credibility when, prior to the last election, she went on record against taxpayers having to pay the one per cent reserve in their property tax.

However, once elected to the comfort of that country club atmosphere called city hall, she reversed her position. What a betrayal!

Councillor Carol Day, taxpayers need you to come to our aid once again.

L. B. Black

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