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Jan 13th 2012 the cruise ship Concordia accident in Italy

Carol Day  -  Jan 24, 2012  -  No Comments

To The BCEAO                                                                          Jan 12th, 2012

Re:  VAFFC Jet Fuel proposal

Hwy 99 Option

The revised proposal for delivery of JET FUEL to the Vancouver Inter national airport is very disappointing.

I feel with all the EXPERT advisors hired by the VAFFC that a more well thought out plan was possible. Clearly the evidence has been manufactured in such a way to lean towards the Marine Terminal and 80 million liter Tank Farm originally proposed on the south arm of the Fraser River. British Columbia deserves a fair process by an independent source that can be trusted to thoroughly look at all the options available to make the right choice not simply the most beneficial   choice for the YVR. The city of Richmond also feels that an independent study is prudent for this.

The risk to the environment and the communities along the Fraser is just too great and totally unnecessary when better options are available.

I can only support the Jet Fuel pipeline on the hwy 99 corridor if it keeps right on going, all the way to the Cherry Point refinery just over the Canada, USA border. This option was number 8 in the original VAFFC study and has not been given the proper scrutiny by the experts.

The Cherry Point refinery is a very successful port with an incredible safety record. Using this option would eliminate the need for Panamax tankers loaded with Jet Fuel on any part of the Fraser River and be the logical choice for the revised pipeline.

Environment Canada wrote Aug 17th 2011 in regards to the VAFFC proposal  “ The project would present a new and unacceptable risk to the locally, nationally and internationally important fish and wildlife populations of the Fraser River Estuary, including migratory birds and species at risk….”.

On Jan 13th 2012 the cruise ship Concordia ran aground in Italy and this accident is a good reminder of just how quickly things can go wrong. We must protect the Fraser River and we are depending on the Environmental Assessment Office to do their job and say no to this proposal.

Thanks very much
Carol Day


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