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Dear Richmond Voters: My first weekend campaigning

Carol Day  -  Apr 12, 2013  -  No Comments

Dear Richmond Voters,

Re: My first weekend campaigning.

I have had the most exciting weekend going door-to-door meeting all kinds of wonderful people. I collected all the signatures I need for my Elections BC Nomination form and l want to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported me.

During my many conversations with constituents, I came to realize that many people thought the BC Conservatives were the same as the Federal Conservatives and we are not. While we have members who belong to both parties, there are some fundamental differences that I think need to be pointed out. In our “Principles and Policies 1.1.4”, it clearly states:

“A belief that members of the Legislative Assembly are primarily responsible to represent the interest of their Constituents.” – in other words ” Constituents before Party “.

We are the only provincial party that has clearly made that Statement and it is a fundamental reason why I decided to accept the nomination. Mr. John Cummins was a maverick Member of Parliament for over 20 years and he has my respect for that.

We are definitely not affiliated in any way with the Federal Conservatives.  So let’s talk about our leader. John Cummins is the only Provincial Party leader who wrote to Prime Minister Stephen Harper last year to protest parts of the federal budget omnibus bill. John Cummins is the only Provincial Party leader who wrote to Prime Minister Harper this year to protest the issue of Chinese migrant miners taking away BC jobs. He has proven, time and again, that he is willing to stand up for BC interests ahead of partisan concerns. He did that when he was a MP from BC – his strong position in favour of BC interests arguably cost him a possible appointment to the federal cabinet because he was viewed as a “maverick” within the federal party and caucus. But this track record proves that our Party will not be dictated to by anyone in Ottawa.

So please know that I am here to work for you and fight for the the rights of Richmond- Steveston just like I have for all of  Richmond the last 20 years as a community activist. When I get elected as your MLA for Richmond- Steveston, you are my boss.

Carol Day

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