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Mega home bylaw passes 7-2

Carol Day  -  Sep 15, 2015  -  No Comments
Grand one-storey ceilings stay in Richmond while home heights reduced back to nine metres RICHMOND NEWS  SEPTEMBER 15, 2015 05:37 PM New residential zoning bylaw amendments to address the size of homes officially passed Monday evening at a Richmond city council meeting. Councillors Carol Day and Harold Steves voted against

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Marathon mega home hearing offers mixed results

Carol Day  -  Sep 10, 2015  -  No Comments
Emotional meeting results in lower home heights while grand single-storey ceilings are maintained GRAEME WOOD / RICHMOND NEWS  SEPTEMBER 10, 2015 05:40 PM A marathon, six-hour public hearing on residential bylaw amendments to address the size of new homes resulted in a new, nine-metre height limit for all homes. But critics

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Has sun set on middle-class dream in Richmond?

Carol Day  -  Sep 04, 2015  -  No Comments
With a family of doctors soon to be priced out of the local housing market, the News examines the balance between neighbourhood specific homes and market forces GRAEME WOOD / RICHMOND NEWS 
SEPTEMBER 4, 2015 01:46 PM As residents and local politicians prepare for a public hearing Tuesday about the size

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Column: House bylaw’s phoney height is a real waste

Carol Day  -  Aug 12, 2015  -  No Comments
AUGUST 12, 2015 12:33 PM There’s a quick way to assess council action on development. Just ask, “Does it help Richmond to be the Garden City?” Yes = Pass. No = Fail. The “half-assed house bylaw” fails. That nickname (from Coun. Carol Day) refers to

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NEWS Port Metro Vancouver ‘a pending threat’ to farmland, says City of Richmond

Carol Day  -  Feb 13, 2015  -  No Comments
by  Matthew Hoekstra – Richmond Review posted Feb 13, 2015 at 4:00 PM Elected officials at Richmond City Hall lobbed more criticism at Port Metro Vancouver this week as the prospect of preserving farmland grows increasingly bleak. “They’re the biggest threat to farmland, not just in Richmond, but everywhere else,” said Coun. Carol Day

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Port expansion needs ‘proper’ review

Carol Day  -  Jan 20, 2015  -  No Comments
by  Matthew Hoekstra – Richmond Review posted Jan 20, 2015 at 10:00 AM — updated Jan 20, 2015 at 4:57 PM Richmond council is backing a call for a wider assessment of environmental risks from port expansion at Roberts Bank, with one veteran councillor saying “it’s time to take a stand.” Coun. Harold Steves said Monday that Port

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NEW Column: Richmond’s Top 10 newsmakers of 2014

Carol Day  -  Jan 02, 2015  -  No Comments
 JANUARY 2, 2015 07:30 AM Here are my choices for the top Richmond newsmakers of 2014: 1. Glyn Davies (the teacher) – In October Davies picked up a Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and prior to that, in February, his Grade 7 class was a

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Car speaking to CFRS

Carol Day  -  Aug 19, 2014  -  No Comments
Carol Day along with NDP MLA Jenny Kwan spoke to a special interest group regarding the Chinese apology for past wrong doings by the provincial government. “We need to learn from the past and move forward with a better understanding of other cultures”.. ” This is no time to finger

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Carol Talking to French media

Carol Day  -  Aug 19, 2014  -  No Comments
During the 2011 Lingyen Temple expansion plan Carol was interviewed by the French arm of the CBC because they were interested in the affect the 232,00 sq ft expansion would have on the neighbourhood. The interview team also wanted to know if the opposition to the plan was racial. ”

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Carol Day interview with CBC TV

Carol Day  -  Aug 19, 2014  -  No Comments
CBC came to Carol Day’s Home to hear her side of a development issue a large expansion to a local temple. The interviewer asked if a compromise could be found between the temple and the neighbourhood. Carol replied “The over size is just too large we need the Lingyen temple

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